The Story Behind Spin City........

Spin City was established by Kate Johnstone and Georgie in 2007 in Bristol with the aim of getting more women into exercise. Gyms can often prove an intimidating environment to women, as can sports clubs - especially if you have been out of exercise for a while. Spin City wanted to create exercise classes for women that provided great fitness benefits in a social, fun and friendly environment that was open to women of all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels. Pole fitness was the perfect answer!

Since then Spin City has grown to establish successful classes not only in Bristol but also Exeter, Newbury and now Brimpton!

Ruth Mills joined the Spin City team in 2011 after falling in love with the sport and wanting to spread this fantastic form of exercise to other people. Ruth is a fully qualified Sports Therapist and set up her own therapy centre in Brimpton (Ruth Mills Therapies) in 2010. Now qualified to teach pole fitness to beginners, intermediates and advanced students, Ruth offers classes at Brimpton Village Hall in Brimpton.

Ruth performing in the Newbury Spin City Showcase June 2012: