Class Timetable

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Beginners/Early Intermediates Pole Class (60mins)

Wednesday 6.15pm-7.15pm

This class is open to complete beginners wanting to learn the basics of pole fitness, but also those who have had some experience of pole in the past. You will learn a variety of spins, climbs and seats as well as doing some conditioning and stretches. As you progress you will start learning how to invert and work your way through the early intermediate pole syllabus.

Beginner/Intermediate Classes (60mins)

Wednesday 7.15pm

This class is open to students who want to progress further through the Beginner and Intermediate syllabus. Students will work through spins, seats, inverts and combo's to individually challenge each person. Watch your strength, coordination and flexibility grow!

Intermediate/Advanced Classes (60mins)

Wednesday 8.15pm

In this class we will focus on training all the core moves in the Spin City Intermediate / Advanced Syllabus.

To attend these classes, you will need to have mastered the following moves: A good basic invert, Gemini, Extended Butterfly, Cross Knee or Cross Ankle Release, a Climb Over, a Caterpillar and a basic Shoulder Mount.

Mixed Ability Classes (60mins)

Monday: 5.45pm and 6.45pm

Suitable for all abilities, in this class you will work on new spins, climbs, seats, inverts and combinations. Just watch your strength and flexibility improve! 

Practise Sessions

Fridays: 6.30-7.30pm

A chance to practise moves you have been taught in class under supervision of one of our instructors. Perfect if you can't make it regularly to class or if you don't have access to a pole at home. Come and go whenever you please in this 1 hour open practise!