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New Class Information (due to Covid-19 policies)

  • Due to the social distancing policy, each class at Spin City Brimpton will only take a maximum of 5 students (one person per pole including the instructor). The only exception to this rule is when students from the same household attend the same class and therefore can share a pole (as social distancing is not required).  
  • On arrival you will be given your own exclusive cloth for pole cleaning, at the end of the class please place this in the bag provided for washing. You will NOT be allowed to bring your own cloth/towel from home as we cannot check the level of hygiene.  
  • We ask students to clean their own pole at the start and end of class using their unique cloth and throughout the class as they see fit. Students will have access to cleaning products for their own pole during class. 
  • There will be a 15-minute gap in between classes for the instructors to clean the studio (poles, door handles, toilets etc). 
  • Each class will be 45 minutes long to allow for cleaning in between. We believe you will still receive an exceptional workout in this time, having your own pole is hard work but don’t fear we will ease you back in gentle. It has been a good few months since any of us have taken part in a pole class at the studio.  
  • Please ensure you arrive on time for class (wait outside the studio until an instructor calls you in). Once a class has started the door will be locked so anyone running late will not be able to join the class. 
  • Due to the Social distancing policy we are currently unable to SPOT students in moves and therefore for the time being we will NOT be teaching inverted moves. This will regularly be re-assessed following government guidelines and when the time comes that we can safely spot students we will update you all then. If a student does come into trouble and needs a rescue spot then the instructor will apply the rule that the risk of life to that student is greater than the risk of possible infection and help the student safely down from the pole. However this will be highly unlikely as classes will be planned to minimise the risk of a rescue spot being needed at any point.  



Mixed ability pole:  6pm – 6.45pm with Ruth 

Mixed ability pole: 7pm – 7.45pm with Hannah 


Beginner/Intermediate pole: 6.15pm- 7pm with Bambi 

Beginner/Intermediate pole: 7.15pm – 8pm with George 

Mixed ability pole: 8.15pm – 9pm with Hannah


Mixed ability pole (including 15 mins practise time at the end) : 6.30pm – 7.30pm with Ruth