Classes at Spin City Brimpton run weekly on Monday & Wednesday evenings, with an additional Friday evening practise session.


45-minute class £10 – Mondays & Wednesdays

60-minute practise session £5 – Fridays


Coming to class with another member of your family/household? Share a pole to receive a discount of £2 per person!

Use the discount code FAMILY when booking to receive the discount.

Please contact Ruth when booking using this offer via email or text 07914 803955.

Cancellation/Refund Policy 

Spin City Brimpton operates a 24-hour cancellation policy. Classes cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded.

If you become symptomatic or have been in contact with someone that has tested positive for Covid-19 you will receive a full refund. Please contact Ruth as soon as possible in this circumstance.

New Class Information (due to Covid-19 policies)

  • On arrival, please wait outside the studio until an instructor calls you in. Once a class has started the door will be locked, we regret anyone running late will not be able to join the class. 
  • Class sizes will be restricted while our social distancing policy is in effect.
  • Students from the same household only may share a pole.  
  • Pole cleaning cloths and products will be provided on arrival.
  • We ask students to clean their own pole at the start and end of class using their unique cloth.
  • Class duration will be limited to 45 minutes on Mondays and Wednesday to allow for cleaning between sessions. 

Classes will be planned to minimise risk as spotting will be kept to an absolute minimum while social distancing measures are in place. If your instructor feels spotting is necessary then permission will granted from the student and appropriate PPE will be worn.

This will regularly be reviewed in line with government guidelines.

The only exception to this rule is if a rescue spot is immediately required. This will only be provided if the risk of life to that student is greater than the risk of possible infection.